Web Site Analysis

It is impossible to be surprised when you look at the point where the use of the internet comes. The growing use of communication tools and the lack of usage limits made Internet access much easier than ever. We can do many things wherever we are even from the mobile phone under our hand. Priorities are now used as an advertising and promotional tool, while being used for more information and entertainment purposes.

The use of websites for institutions, firms, services or other applications on the internet has become a necessity. It is extremely common to have a website with various marketing techniques and promotional purposes. It is very important that the website you want to set up is qualified to meet your visitor needs and that you can make the necessary analysis on site.

Some systems and programs are used for these analyzes. Site visits can be done through the systems that analyze the number of visits, movements, responses to advertisements, average duration of visit, and words written to the search engine. At the same time, answers to many questions such as the willingness to visit can be found in these ways. Determining the number of visitors and users on a daily basis will give clear information about the site's departure line.

The most attention paid to websites that earn through advertising is the number of pageviews. As the displayed page increases, the earned fee will also increase. It is also important how much the page visitor visits the page. Visitors will navigate more than one page in the site and the quality will be much higher when they stay on the site for a long time. Visitors may come from different sources on the site. In order to get the best out of conversions, you need to come from Google search, organic. Sight conversion rates from different sources, such as social media, email ads, etc., will have minimal impact.

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