What is SEO, How to Construct

SEO can be described as a website about all the improvement work done for search engines. The goal of search engine optimization, or SEO, is to increase the value of the web site and increase the number of visitors on the search engine.

The first search engine came out in 1990, the name Archie. Archie was very different from the search engines we know and could only be used for file search. So you might think of looking for a file on your computer. He could not see the contents of web sites on the Internet ...

Until 1994, many search engines like Archie came from the market. While some search engines can only create sequences from the titles of sites, others mistakenly come across web sites hundreds of times a day, causing the whole system to disintegrate. In 1994, we entered a search engine market that we all know: Altavista. At the same time as Altavista, Yahoo! and WebCrawler, then in 1996, Google's founding changed the industry's balance. Altavista gradually began to dominate Yahoo and Google's market, wiping out of the industry. Altavista was first purchased by Overture, and soon Yahoo! bought this company.

SEO is what we do to make sure our bots can scan our website in the best way, so it's true. SEO is a search and optimization effort. It is divided into two types as in-site and off-site SEO. It includes all of the actions taken to promote search engines.

SEO is an art of providing a natural kind of popularity. The experts who provide this popular way in the most natural way are considered to be the best SEO Experts.

We can express the popularity of kelimes to be famous for the web world. Google is also the top ad type to list in the top rankings. However, listing in the top order is actually possible to make ads. In short, your site rises to the top as a result of all the promotions and advertisements you make to popularize your site.

Google understands that a site is becoming popular, from the regular increase in the number of visitors, and from links and information sharing about the site. As channels and numbers of these shares increase, popularity becomes more natural and robust.

The popularity of a site is assessed by considering it from the moment it is launched, and reflected directly in search engine results.

*Build your website code structure very well. If possible, use platforms like WordPress or Magento,
*Increase website opening speed. Google boots do not want to spend too much time on slow loading pages. The faster your site is, the higher your crawling and indexing rates will be.
*Do not block robots.txt or encryption and Google bot's access to the site,
*By creating a site map in accordance with the procedures, you can promote Search Console (formerly webmaster tools)
*Do not include as much inline javascript and inline css code as possible on your web site,
*To make 404 and 301 routing adjustments very well,
*The mobile availability of your website is quite good,
*Quality content: The content you publish on your website should not be stolen, copied, or inadequate. All the pages you create must be unique and benefit the users.
*Search volumes: It is useful to generate your content based on search volumes. You can use topics that are search volume rather than topics that are not searched by anyone in your content. To find out which words are being searched by the users, you can look at the most popular hits.
*Title and meta descriptions: The more effective you write title and meta descriptions, the more likely you will appear in search engine results. You can find detailed information about the title and meta description in our article.
*Intra-site linking: Intra-site linking strategy allows you to send a link to the page you want to highlight, and you can increase the ranking of those pages in organic results.

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