The data provided by our customers acting on the website or mobile applications is processed by in accordance with our customers' expectations and data protection regulations. is a site that uses cookies. Cookies; is a file consisting mostly of letters and numbers that allows the device being used to be stored on the Internet browser or hard disk to be identified.

It will collect, process, share with third parties and securely store your registration information in order to provide better service to visitors and not to be used outside the scope and purpose specified in the Statement of the Protection of Personal Data, in accordance with its legal obligation. cookies; log files, empty gif files, and / or information gathered through third-party resources to create a summary of your preferences. To improve the content of the stored website or mobile application for you and / or to determine your preferences; track your browsing information on the site and / or track your usage history on the site. may map information collected from you on the site in different ways, such as information collected online and offline, and may use this information in conjunction with information from other sources, such as third parties. uses session cookies and persistent cookies. The session ID cookie is terminated when you close your browser. A persistent cookie lasts a long time on your hard disk. You can remove persistent cookies and reject both session cookies and persistent cookies by following the instructions in your web browser's "help" file. If you reject persistent cookies or session cookies, you may still be able to use the website as a mobile application, but you may not have access to the full functionality of the website, the mobile app, or your access may be limited. cookies; to remember your preferences and personalize your website / mobile app usage. This includes cookies that save your password and save you from having to enter your password more than once on each visit, which keeps your website / mobile app session open all the time, and cookies that remember and recognize you on your next visit to the website / mobile app.

including where you are connected to the website, what content you view on the website / mobile app, and how you use the website / mobile app, such as the duration of your visit; to determine how you use your website / mobile app.

The cookies on the website are used for advertising / promotional purposes to provide you with relevant content and advertisements. That way, when you use your mobile application, your website offers more tailored content, personalized campaigns and products, and never again presents content or opportunities that you previously did not want. cookies also; may use "advertising technology" to engage with advertisements that you think you may be interested in when you visit search engines, websites, mobile apps, or websites where the website advertises. When presenting these ads, your browser may have a unique third-party cookie so that the website can recognize you. will be able to record, store, update, disclose, disclose, classify, and process your personal information in association with the protection of personal data and in association with users.

The reason for the personal data transaction is to confirm the identity information of the person or organizations entering the web site, to record the address and other necessary information for communication. At the same time, we collect information on public safety issues in order to be able to inform the public officials in accordance with the legislation, to fulfill our legal obligations and to exercise our rights arising from the current legislation, and to evaluate user complaints and suggestions related to our services.

Personal data shared with is under the supervision and control of He has assumed responsibility as a data officer in establishing the necessary organization and taking and implementing technical measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information. We are aware of our obligation to do this at periodic intervals, in accordance with international and national technical standards covering data confidentiality, and we hereby inform you that we are always updating our data processing policies.

Technical and legal precautions are taken to prevent violations of rights during data transfer to third parties. However, is not responsible for any infringements of the third party's data protection policies and the risk area of ​​the third party's liability.

You can contact us at any time via email at [email protected] for any questions or comments you may have about your personal data.

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